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Reliable, actionable data

Use Glimpse Anonymous Audience Data Collection to analyse the demographic information of passers-by including: Age, Gender, Mood, Facial Features, Footfall, Repeat/Unique Visitors, Glances & Clothing Logos.

Glimpse is retrofit to any location or digital advertising display in minutes. Using the Glimpse Dashboard you can gather unique insights about your Consumers / Audience.

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Age: 45 - 50 Years

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Repeat / Unique Consumers

Using Glimpse V2, customers can not only understand demographic breakdown, footfall counts and heat-maps, they can also understand how many customers are repeat over any given timeframe. This is carried out in a privacy conscious and GDPR compliant way.


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Glimpse stores and analyses audience age, gender, facial features, clothing logos and more.

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Glimpse assess head and eye level positioning to analyse where customers are looking and for how long. This can be used to measure aisle hotspots or the effectiveness of promotions or digital screens.

Glimpse integrates with your existing CMS to provide instant targeted advertising based on the demographics of an audience in front of a digital display. Increasing screen & campaign performance by 21.5% on average*.

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Glimpse devices are equipt with the latest anonymous wifi detection hardware, enabling Glimpse software to detect repeat visitors, unique visitors and visitor journeys across retail multiples.

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Glimpse software uses the latest object tracking and image processing techniques to accurately deliver vehicle count (wheelfall), vehicle make and vehicle model even in high traffic areas.

Privacy & GDPR

Glimpse software relies on facial detection and visual cue analysis, not on facial recognition. No individual can ever be recognised. This means that no individual can be identified, either in absolute terms (full identity) or in terms of repeated exposures (e.g. recognising that someone was at a sequence of different locations, or visited the same location twice).

Consumer privacy and anonymisation is a core concept of Glimpse, and in all of our technology. Our software has been designed to increase advertising relevance by means of completely anonymous meta data measurements.

We do not store any personal data. Glimpse stores only anonymous ‘metadata’ that describes the size and demographics of an audience. Using this information, Glimpse software decides which advertisement is the most appropriate to display to the audience.