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“This has huge international potential!”
“… and this all happens in real-time?”


“Analyses the demographic profile of visitors as they walk past”


“Offering advertisers and media owners a radically enhanced level of performance information”

Covid-19 Real-time Occupancy Monitor

Monitor real-time premises occupation, trigger live alerts to staff based on footfall and enable business to operate within government Covid-19 requirements.

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Welcome To Glimpse

What We Do

Glimpse is a customer analytics platform that captures and surveys demographic information at large scale. Using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning  the platform provides real-time actionable customer insights.

Our Approach

Our platform’s demographic capturing capabilities render intrusive and expensive manual customer surveys of the past obsolete. With real-time audience analysis, Glimpse is a reliable and long-term solution.

Our Mission

Up until now, both the online retail and media sectors have had an advantage over brick and motor stores and DOOH advertising due to their access to customer data such as user demographics, buying patterns, etc. Glimpse levels the playing field.

An Average Two Week Survey Captures


Repeat Visitors

Data Points


Glimpse’s customer analytics platform was developed around four main concepts:


Glimpse was developed with the ability to capture accurate demographic information in high footfall areas such as shopping centres, concerts, high streets, and town centres.

Actionable Insights

While big data creates massive opportunities, we developed our platform with what really matters, easy to understand, actionable customer insights that make a real difference.


The key feature in any successful software is integration. Glimpse has been developed with the ability to integrate with any pre-existing system. Retro-fitting or upgrading has never been more simple.


The protection of consumer privacy is crucial. The Glimpse platform is actively GDPR compliant and has been developed to provide real-world insights using a method that insures consumer anonymity.

Retail Analytics

Retailers across the globe are all facing the same issues, the rising tide of E-Commerce is hurting the majority of real-world ‘brick and mortar’ businesses.

These websites have access to vast libraries of shopper data, meaning online enterprises can make intermittent strategic decisions affecting their growth and average spend.

Glimpse’s customer analytics platform will put the power back in your hands. Capturing real-world information and presenting the data as actionable customer insights.

Media Analytics

In a quickly expanding environment, media owners from big to small are under more and more pressure to generate higher premiums off their existing digital billboards.

Competitors in this space from Radio to TV all have a means to provide feedback to their advertisers in the form of listeners to viewership.

Glimpse’s audience analysis platform enables media owners to upsell their existing locations by providing their advertisers with real-time feedback in the form of footfall, demographic information and many more metrics to track and measure Ad effectiveness.

Privacy & GDPR Compliance

Glimpse’s customer analytics platform is actively compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) brought in to act in May 2018. Glimpse’s software was created using a privacy by design approach. With constant communication with the Data Protection Commission (DPC) in Dublin, Ireland, Glimpse works to maintain the highest standard of privacy and data protection.

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