A/B Campaign Analysis

Dynamic Statistics That Provide Actionable Customer Insights

Glimpse’s platform enables A B testing statistics for campaigns. Multiple campaigns can be displayed over a period of time and the campaign that received the best impact with the desired audience can be identified and distributed at scale.

With these invaluable A B testing statistics, a higher return from advertisment spend can be generated.

How A/B Testing Works

1. Advertisers Preparation

Advertisers prepare and deliver two or more similar ads to their Media Owners.

2. Data Capture

Ad specific crowd information is captured during the A B testing cycle in a privacy conscious way.

3. Ad Metrics

The data is processed into relevant comparable information such as views and impact.

4. Comparison

The best ad or promotion is identified based on the ideal audience views and engagement.

5. Further Promotion

The best ad is then displayed further using the Media Owners OOH digital billboards.

A/B Testing Content

In the past, A B testing statistics were done in closed environments with individuals who were aware that they were being tested. These closed tests can be expensive and often lead to biases.

With Glimpse’s platform, surveying real-world audiences at scale (often hundreds of thousands) is not just possible, but easy. This is all done using the same exact sites these ads are actually to be distributed upon.

This is another method that enables Advertisers to create more relevant content for their target audiences and to then get a complete in-depth understanding of there Return on Investment (ROI).

Looking For More Analytics

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Pre/Post Campaign Analysis

With historical and real-time data, pre and post OOH campaign analysis can be carried out by Advertisers like never before.

Further Analytics

Analytics from real-time targeted ads, geo-located advertising, WiFi proximity marketing and vehicle analysis.

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