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Actionable Shopper Insights
Glimpse Measures Your Shoppers So That You Can Make Incremental Changes Based On Shopper Profile & Behaviour To Maximise Spend And Increase Revenues. Solution
use shopper data to drive decisions

Using Glimpse retailers know exactly who is coming into their stores, and how they are behaving, using this rich data to make decision and increase revenues.

Artificial intelligence
Use AI to drive decisions in-store and online

What Data Does A Glimpse Collect?

When placed at the entrance to a premises or aisle Glimpse analyses shopper footfall, profiles (age/gender), movement in-store, shop duration, loyalty, movement between stores and more.

How Does Glimpse Integrate With Third-Party Data?

Glimpse has an open API available to customers, this means that we integrate with most ePOS systems and can even assume historical survey data, website data, weather and events.

How Do I Start?

The Glimpse installation team visits each of the stores you have chosen to measure shopper data.
The technician installs the sensor in a discrete location near the entrances or key aisles. Glimpse sensors run completely independently from your existing network and communicate over 4G.
Visit The Solution Page for more details.

Glimpse Data Accessibility

Glimpse Web Portal

Glimpse customers can access data through an online interactive dashboard. Different levels of access can be granted throughout an organisation, from store management to c-level operations. Have complete control of your shopper data.

Automated Reporting

Glimpse can analyse the data that is important for your organisation and compile it into automated weekly/monthly reports. Receive shopper data reports via email to bring into your management meetings.


Outbound API & SMS

Glimpse has an extensive API that can connect to your existing data management/BI platform. As well as this Glimpse assumes third-party data such as ePOS and Weather. An automated weekly SMS can be sent to store management informing them on footfall or other key customer metrics.

We’ll accelerate your journey from data to decisions

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