CCTV Analytics

Dynamic Statistics That Provide Actionable Customer Insights

Glimpses’ advanced machine learning algorithm provides CCTV analytics to Retailers using their pre-existing CCTV system. This allows Retailers to add tremendous value to their existing CCTV network. CCTV analytics is the most scalable and time-efficient audience analysis solution. 

With this solution Glimpse’s aim is to enable Retailers to understand the demographic profiles of every shopper who enters their premises, using hardware that is already in place to provide CCTV analytics.

How CCTV Analytics Works

1. Initial Setup

With minimal setup, Glimpse gets access to the relevant CCTV feeds. 

2. Data Capture

Demographic meta-data is captured in a privacy conscious way from the CCTV feed.

3. Processing & Analysis

The audience demographics are processed into ready to use customer insights.

4. Access to Data

Demographic information is displayed on Glimpse’s interactive dashboard.

5. Results

These insights and data are then used to impact everything from sales to marketing

Crowd Analysis

Glimpse’s audience analysis platform can process live data which is streamed directly from a Retailers existing CCTV system. This enables Retailers to get real-time feedback and customer insights via Glimpse’s online dashboard.

Alternatively, historical data can be forwarded onto Glimpse for processing. This allows Retailers to utilise the CCTV analytics solution for testing or research purposes, working on ‘one-off’ bespoke projects.

With both live and historical data, the end result is always to produce actionable customer insights to enable Retailers to increase sales and promotion effectiveness. Feedback allows Retailers to tune and adjust everything from floor layouts to marketing activations intermittently.

Key Benefits of
CCTV Analytics

Quick Setup & Integration
As Glimpse’s CCTV analytics solution does not require the installation subsuquent cameras, the setup time involved in upgrading existing CCTV systems is minimal.

Accurate & Reliable Data
CCTV analytics give Retailers the ability to accurately capture and view relevant demographic information and produces valuable customer insights. All of this adding value to infrasturctor already in place.

Actionable Customer Insights
The ability to recieve real-time feedback and customer insights through CCTV analytics enables Retailers to gradulally optimise various in-store activities over time to help increase conversions and prevent losses due to ineffective promotions.

Looking For More Analytics

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