Demographic Analysis

Dynamic Statistics That Provide Actionable Customer Insights

Glimpse transforms all visitors (visual information) within it’s vicinity into online relevant meta-data. This data is then processed and delivered back to Glimpse’s live dynamic dashboard.

Understanding profiles and the movement of each shopper that enters a premises gives Retailers access to information that allows them to optimise everything from product placements, to staffing hours.

How Demographic Analysis Works

1. Initial Setup

Discrete Glimpse cameras are placed at entrances/exits.

2. Data Capture

Demographic meta-data is captured in a privacy conscious way.

3. Processing & Analysis

The audience demographics are processed into ready to use customer insights.

4. Access to Data

This information is displayed via Glimpse’s interactive dashboard.

5. Results

These insights and data are then used to impact everthing from sales to marketing.

In-Store Campaign Analysis

Brands and suppliers of Retailers often populate floor layouts with product activations. Without demographic analysis, the effictiveness of promtions can only assessed using sales. Using sales alone provides an inaccurate measurement of success as sales can be adversely affected by other external factors (holidays, weather, etc.).

This is why Glimpse’s demographic capturing devices can measure if a passer-by looked or engaged with an aisle, advert, or activation based on the head and eye level positioning of each person.

This enables Retailers/Suppliers/Multiples to directly correlate the effect of in-store campaigns with shopper engagement, and then sales. With this ability to benchmark promotions against each other, promotions can be adjusted and tuned to increase conversions over time.

Key Benefits of
Demographic Analysis

Flexible Design
Glimpse was developed to easily retro-fit and integrate into any pre-existing system. Combined with a comprehensive, yet easy to use dashboard, demographic analysis will revolutionise the retail sector.

Accurate & Reliable Data
With the ability to continuously capture relevant demographic information there is no need to rely on rough estimations or expensive manual surveys.

Actionable Customer Insights
The ability to see real-time feedback and customer insights enables Retailers to adjust and tune their offerings over time to help increase sales conversions and prevent losses due to ineffective promotions.

Looking For More Analytics

With a wide range of services in the retail sector, Glimpse is sure to meet your needs. For more information on the services below, click through now. Alternatively, you can return to see the Overview.

WiFi Proximity Marketing

Anonymous, yet recognisable monitoring of customers allows Retailers to track visitors footfall, loyalty, and customer journeys.

CCTV Analysis

With no physical installation, Glimpse can tie into pre-existing CCTV systems and process these feeds into customer information in real-time.

Further Analytics

Analytics from queue management, facility management, ePoS integration, vehicle analysis, and raw data potentials.

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