Further Analytics

Dynamic Statistics That Provide Actionable Customer Insights

The data captured through Glimpse presents numerous opportunities such as Facility Management, Queue Management, Vehicle Analysis, ePoS Integration, and Raw Data Analysis.

Glimpse’s aim is to continue to create bespoke solutions to meet individual Retailers needs. Many small to large Retailers see their own unique opportunities to the big data captured by Glimpse. 

Facility Management

Traditionally facility management such as toilet maintenance and cleaning is carried out based on a rough estimated schedules.

With Glimpse’s crowd analysis devices in place, routine based maintenance can be replaced with reactive maintenance. This real-time data can be built up over time to produce an accurate maintenance schedule.

Staff timetables can be developed to increase efficiency, be more cost effective, improve overall customer experience, and satisfaction.

Queue Management

Glimpse devices are the key to increasing staffs efficiency. Integrating Glimpse, staff can be automatically notified when more or fewer staff members are needed.

Reduced queue times and increased staff efficiency will decrease customer complaints, improve the businesses image, and increase the number of transactions.

With reactive queue management in place, this will ultimately result in a better customer experience. Customer experience is the key to increasing the number of loyal/return customers.

Vehicle Analysis

With the latest computer vision and machine learning techniques, Glimpse’s devices can identify vehicles by type, make, and model.

Glimpse has found that this vehicle information enables Retailers to get a better understanding of the types of customers they are getting through the vehicle makes/models.

With a vehicle tracking solution in place this helps build a more complete image of their customers. This allows Retailers to optimise their activations, promotions, and layouts.

ePoS Integration

Glimpse’s demographic audience analysis was designed to be fully compatible with point of sale systems (PoS) and electronic point of sale systems (epos).

Integration between Glimpse and pre-existing PoS/ePoS systems helps connect key business operations through a single, easy to use the system.

This integration enables physical Retailers to get a full image of their customers’ journeys. Through Glimpse’s audience analysis platform business owners can view a full breakdown of who their customers are, how the’re behaving, and how much they are spending.


Raw Data Analysis

Mass crowd analysis is a new and exciting field when it comes to ‘brick and motor’ Retailers.

While Glimpse processes this data into actionable insights from customer demographic information to  behaviour, there are still millions of data points left unused.  The uses and possibilities of this raw data are endless.

Glimpse is working with small businesses and multi-national enterprises alike to develop new and exciting uses for this big data.

Looking For More Analytics

With a wide range of services in the retail sector, Glimpse is sure to meet your needs. For more information on the services below, click through now. Alternatively, you can return to see the Overview.

Demographic Analysis

Real-time demographic analysis enables Retailers to unlock the vast libraries of data that were once reserved for online stores.

WiFi Proximity Marketing

Anonymous, yet recognisable monitoring of customers allows Retailers to track visitors footfall, loyalty, and customer journeys.

CCTV Analytics

With no physical installation, Glimpse can tie into pre-existing CCTV systems and process these feeds into customer information in real-time.

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