Hotel Visitor Analytics Platform

Analyse Guest Footfall, Age, Gender, Loyalty and more with a discrete sensor. 

Collect valuable guest and visitor data in a privacy conscious and responsible way.

Glimpse analyses every visitor that enters the premises, delivering back actionable data and insights to management/marketing through the Glimpse Web Portal.

Reliable, Responsible & Real-time data collection

Visitor Footfall

Repeat Footfall (Loyalty)

Movement By Area (Reception, Lounge, Resturant, Bar)


Integrates with existing booking systems and ePOS

Visitor Age


Areas of Interest



Completely independent add-on, only requires power

Dwell Time By Area

Visitor Journey In Premises

Visitor Journey Between Chains



Relaible, Actionable Hotel Visitor Data

Glimpses’ discrete sensor analyses every guest who enters the premises, giving marketing and management a complete overview of guest demographic, movement and behavior. 

Driving revenues through targeted marketing,.

Optimising the amount of breakfasts/buffet servings

Monitoring performance and fluctuation of visitor segments and footfall.


All your guests, in one place

Flexible Design
Glimpse was developed to easily retro-fit and integrate into any pre-existing system. Combined with a comprehensive, yet easy to use dashboard, demographic analysis will revolutionise the retail sector.

Accurate & Reliable Data
With the ability to continuously capture relevant demographic information there is no need to rely on rough estimations or expensive manual surveys.

Actionable Customer Insights
The ability to see real-time feedback and customer insights enables Retailers to adjust and tune their offerings over time to help increase sales conversions and prevent losses due to ineffective promotions.

Historical Analysis

Glimpse’s state of the art customer portal allows you to understand historical visitor trends


Looking For More Analytics

With a wide range of services in the retail sector, Glimpse is sure to meet your needs. For more information on the services below, click through now. Alternatively, you can return to see the Overview

Facility Management

From toilets to libraries, facility management can help staff react to real-time events rather then relying on outdated estimated scheduling.

Queue Management

Queue management is the key to improving customer experience and increasing the staff efficiency by enabling Retailers to proactively react in real-time.

Vehicle Analysis

With the ability to identify vehicles by type, make, and model, Glimpse’s devices can help Retailers get a full picture of their customers’ journeys.

ePoS Integration

Glimpse is fully capable of integrating with any pre-existing ePoS/PoS system. This allows Retailers to understand sales conversion rates by location, time, and product.

Raw Data Analysis

Big data creates big opportunities. Glimpse works with numerous small to large sized companies to develop new and exciting customer insights from the raw data collected daily.

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