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In the Out Of Home (OOH) market, Media Owners often have limited information about the audiences who interact with their billboards. This crucial information is sought after by brands who pay to use their spaces

Glimpses’ platform offers an all-inclusive method for measuring OOH networks and campaigns with precision accuracy.

Reactive Advertising

Glimpse’s platform allows Media Owners to disrupt the usual ad play sequence and offer new services such as A/B testing creatives, targeting audiences with specific advertisements, and much more.

Enabling Media Owners to create additional return from pre-existing locations.

Ad Engagment

Capturing audiences’ views, based off of their head and eye-level positioning, Glimpse can assess the number of views each advertisement received and from which auidence type.

Enabling advertisers to check campaign effectiveness with the same precision or higher than TV/Radio/Online Media.

Smart Campaigns

With an understanding of the effectiveness of all campaigns advertisers have ever displayed, they can now proactively create promotions they know will have an impact on their desired audience.

Glimpse enables Media Owners to maximize marketing spend and ensure the highest level of audience impact is achieved.

Pre/Post Campaign Analysis

In the past, Advertisers and Media Owners had limited information surrounding their campaigns. With Glimpse’s platform, the big data captured comes with numerous new and exciting campaign analysis possibilities.

With library’s ad specific historical demographic information from footfall, to views, to customer movement patterns, the ability to assess campaigns prior to launch enables Advertisers to adjust and target audiences like never before.

Data captured over the duration of an OOH campaign enables Media Owners to give their Advertisers crucial feedback on the effectiveness of a given ad.

A/B Campaign Testing

Traditionally A/B testing wasn’t performed in the OOH sector. With the introduction of Glimpse’s audience analysis platform, Media Owners can now upsell this invaluable service to their Advertisers.

With real-time feedback, testing and tuning campaigns over two week periods allows Advertisers to see real-world results at very large scale.

The ability to test multiple ads against one another with metrics such as footfall, dwell times, views, and more allows Advertisers to streamline their campaigns. This is a great tool for Media Owners to upsell existing digital billboards.

Looking For More Analytics

With a wide range of services in the media sector, Glimpse is sure to meet your needs. For more information on the services below, click through now. Alternatively, you can return to see the Overview.

Real-Time Targeted Ads

With the demographic breakdown of a Media Owners’ digital billboard, Glimpse enables Advertisers to show the right ad, to the right person, at the right time.

Geo-Located Advertising

Based on an Advertisers target audience’s movement patterns, Media Owners can upsell the ability to have their campaign move with the their desired audience through any location.

WiFi Proximity Marketing

Glimpse can capture and track anonymous WiFi signals given off by customers’ phones, laptops, and tablets. A passive and scalable solution.

Vehicle Analysis

With the ability to identify vehicles by type, make and model, Glimpse’s devices can help Media Owners upsell unique targeting to their Advertisers.

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