Pre/Post OOH Campaign Analysis

Dynamic Statistics That Provide Actionable Customer Insights

Glimpse’s platform captures the visual cues of every individual who passes by a Glimpses devices. This allows Advertisers to understand the real-world effect of an OOH campaign through direct audience engagement.

Enabling Media Owners to offer this key information to their clientele is what Glimpse’s Pre/Post OOH Campaign Analysis is all about.

How Media Analytics Works

1. Initial Setup

Discrete Glimpse cameras are placed on billboards, digital billboards, etc.

2. Data Capture

Demographic meta-data is captured in a privacy conscious way.

3. Processing & Analysis

The audience data is processed into ready to use customer insights.

4. Access to Data

This real-time and historical information is displayed via Glimpse’s interactive dashboard.

5. Results

Footfall, audience behaviour, movements and views can then be used to understand ad effectivness.

Pre OOH Campaign Analysis

Before an Advertiser even distributes a campaign they have access to huge amounts of crowd data previously gathered by Glimpse, such as movement patterns, what certain audiences are reacting to, how the Advertisers’ previous campaigns did, etc.

With this historical data, Advertisers can plan their OOH campaigns based around real-world data in order to get measurable results.

This means based off of historically captured data, Advertisers can proactively alter aspects of their upcoming campaigns, with the aim that they can maximise the potential of every campaign they make.

Post OOH Campaign Analysis

The same type of crucial information used in pre OOH campaign analysis can be applied when the OOH campaign has completed its cycle. This information can be viewed throughout the campaign as real-time data or upon completion.

Glimpse enables Media Owners to offer their Advertisers access to mass crowd data and engagement metrics captured throughout their OOH campaigns.

This means Advertisers have a full understanding of how their ad’s were received by each audience type, and over time, they can better appeal to their audiences’ preferences.

Looking For More Analytics

With a wide range of services in the media sector, Glimpse is sure to meet media owner and their advertisers’ needs. For more information on the services below, click through now. Alternatively, you can return to see the Overview.

A B Campaign Analysis

Glimpse enables Media Owners to offer their Advertisers the ability to A B test their campaigns for proofing and specific demographic targeting.

Further Analytics

Analytics from real-time targeted ads, geo-located advertising, WiFi proximity marketing and vehicle analysis.

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