Privacy & GDPR Compliance

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Glimpse was founded and developed with customer privacy in mind.

From smart capture to data processing through machine learning, every aspect of Glimpse’s design is actively GDPR compliant.

How is the Data Analysed?

Glimpse captures and processes demographic information into meta-data such as gender, age, emotion, etc. At no point does Glimpse store or record any image, video or personal data. Instead, our algorithms process video feeds in real-time.

Using Glimpses algorithms, customer information from demographics, behaviour, to movements, can be captured and analysed to create actionable customer insights without the need to store private data.

Actively GDPR Compliant

Before starting the development of Glimpse’s demographic analysis algorithms, Glimpses’ founders approached the Data Protection Commission (DPC) in Ireland.

The DPC is Ireland’s national independent authority responsible for upholding the privacy rights of individuals in the EU. The DPC is the Irish supervisory authority for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

With continued communication with the DPC, Glimpse is proud to be fully GDPR compliant and will continue to maintain this status into the future.

Looking For More Retail or Media Analytics

Glimpse works with clients of all sizes in both the retail and media sectors. Our demographic analytics and audience analysis platform provides real-time feedback and actionable insights to produce real results. For more information on these sectors below, click through now.

Retail Sector

Glimpse’s audience analysis platform enables Retailers to more accurately target and sell to their customers. Real-time data provides real-world results.

Media Sector

Glimpse enables Media Owners to increase the return from pre-existing locations and sites. Real-time feedback changes how advertisers look at OOH marketing.