Real-time Occupation Sensor for Social Distancing

Keep customers and staff safe. Provide compliance evidence. 

Glimpses’ Real-time Occupation services are used by large retail chains and individuals premises alike. This enables them to monitor the real-time occupation, trigger real-time alerts to staff based on footfall and enable business to operate within government Covid-19 requirements.

Track the flow of customers and staff with a plug-and-play solution to ensure the safe operation of business.

Real-time Occupancy

Total occupancy analysis 

3 minute response time

Historical Analysis

View historical occupancy with customisable thresholds to maximise safe shopper flow.

Provide compliance evidence for occupation and footfall obligations

Real-time Alerts

Set custom shopper count thresholds to trigger alerts to staff/security

Upgrade to include visitor demographics and loyalty without changing hardware

Live Occupancy Count

Glimpses’ real-time occupancy solution counts people as they enter / exit a premises or key areas in-premises. Designed for accurate, reliable results with a simple setup, this aids businesses to comply with social distancing obligations in a privacy conscious way. 


Deliver live occupancy count to staff and security in a clear way with visual alerts when occupation thresholds are being approached or exceeded. Giving management the information they need to keep staff and customers safe.


Real-time Alert System

The Glimpse Occupancy Portal allows you to trigger real-time alerts to management based on the flow of people into a premises. This allows management to 

While the vast amounts of data captured is essential, the importance lies in converting that data into real-world actionable customer insights.

The ability to better target customers, optimise store layouts, reach higher conversions, and refine marketing/sales activation will revolutionise the physical retail sector.

Historical Compliance Analysis

Glimpse’s state of the art customer portal allows you to understand historical occupation trends to optimise safe footfall and analyse occupancy compliance. 


Demographic & Loyalty Analysis

Glimpses’ real-time occupancy system can be upgraded to included shopper demographics, loyalty and movement without changing any hardware.

Understanding profiles and the movement of each shopper that enters a premises gives Retailers access to information that allows them to optimise everything from product placements, to staffing hours.


Other Ways We Can Help…

Bridging The Gap

Retailers with both a ‘brick and motor’ premises and an online E-commerce presence need information to bridge the gap they have between what is available to them online, versus in-store.

Glimpse acts as the perfect compliment to the pre-existing online data available to Retailers. This allows Retailers to view their entire network using similar metrics.

The Full Picture

Most customer data captured within the ‘brick and motor’ retail market is gathered after the point of transaction, meaning roughly 80% of the time a customer spent in-store is ignored.

With both data sets, Retailers get a full understanding of their customers journey, from start to end. Understanding the full life cycle allows Retailers to impact and guide customer journeys, increasing overall spend. 

Looking For More Analytics

With a wide range of services in the retail sector, Glimpse is sure to meet your needs. For more information on the services below, click through now. Alternatively, you can return to see the Overview

Facility Management

From toilets to libraries, facility management can help staff react to real-time events rather then relying on outdated estimated scheduling.

Queue Management

Queue management is the key to improving customer experience and increasing the staff efficiency by enabling Retailers to proactively react in real-time.

Vehicle Analysis

With the ability to identify vehicles by type, make, and model, Glimpse’s devices can help Retailers get a full picture of their customers’ journeys.

ePoS Integration

Glimpse is fully capable of integrating with any pre-existing ePoS/PoS system. This allows Retailers to understand sales conversion rates by location, time, and product.

Raw Data Analysis

Big data creates big opportunities. Glimpse works with numerous small to large sized companies to develop new and exciting customer insights from the raw data collected daily.

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