WiFi Proximity Marketing

Dynamic Statistics That Provide Actionable Customer Insights

Glimpse’s WiFi proximity marketing service was developed to monitor the anonymous WiFi signals given off by customers phones, laptops, tablets, etc.

These units are smart analytical tools as they inform Retailers on how many shoppers they have, what times they come in, if they visited other shops they own, and even how often they come back.

How WiFi Proximity Marketing Works

1. Initial Setup

Glimpse device(s) are placed at strategic locations, with no direct line of sight to customers required.

2. Data Capture

WiFi proximity marketing data is captured using each device’s unique MAC address.

3. Processing & Analysis

The audience data is processed into ready to use customer insights.

4. Access to Data

Real-time and historical information are displayed via Glimpse’s interactive dashboard.

5. Results

Footfall, loyalty, customer behaviour, movements, and insights can then be used to optimise in-store operations.

In-Store Operations

What is important to note is that the data captured is anonymous but also recognisable, meaning Glimpse can track visitors, giving back metrics such as loyalty and customer journey.

This tells Retailers how ‘sticky’ their marketing/sales operations are, allowing them to streamline their operations in order to figure out what turns a new customer into a loyal one. With a wide range of actionable insights, WiFi proximity marketing is an essential tool to Retailers.

Customer journey on the other hand can emphasise inefficiencies in a shop’s layout, or how average basket/trolly spend could be increased with a better layout. The same can be said for how long customers are spending in certain areas and moving swiftly past others.

Key Benefits of
WiFi Proximity Marketing

High Volume, High Reward
The vast majority of shoppers carry a device such as their phone with them as they shop day-to-day. WiFi proximity marketing devices excel when working with large crowds and provide one of the most efficent manors to survey such a high numbers of shoppers.

Cost-Effective Reliable Data
The customer insights and reliable data provided by Glimpse’s WiFi proximity marketing devices provide a cost effective solution to Retailers needs. Footfall, customer behaviour, and movements present a whole new range of possibilities in terms of actionable insights

WiFi proximity marketing devices are a versatile piece of kit that can be used to fit any space. Whether it be throughout a shopping centre or used across a chain of 100 stores, they offer a data set that can help network an entire operation into one place.

Looking For More Analytics

With a wide range of services in the retail sector, Glimpse is sure to meet your needs. For more information on the services below, click through now. Alternatively, you can return to see the Overview.

Demographic Analysis

Real-time demographic analysis enables Retailers to unlock the vast libraries of data that were once reserved for online stores.

CCTV Analytics

With no physical installation, Glimpse can tie into pre-existing CCTV systems and process these feeds into customer information in real-time.

Further Analytics

Analytics from queue management, facility management, ePoS integration, vehicle analysis, and raw data potentials.

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